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The Best French Singers

What are the best French singers known in France and in the World? Find the top 10 of our ranking.

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf will forever remain as one of the greatest French singers with hits like "Hymne à l’amour", "La Vie en rose" but also "La foule (The crowd)" and the "Môme", which became her famous nickname. She topped charts throughout her career and her unforgettable accent is still celebrated on every continent and inspires all generations.

Charles Aznavour

Thanks to a strong will, this son of Armenian immigrants has reached the top of French Music. "Je m'voyais déjà" (I already imagined myself) sang Aznavour in 1960. He has climbed, during more than twenty years, all the steps to success, one after the other, and has become the defender of French romanticism in the world. Today, at more than 80 years-old, he is one of the greatest French singers known in the world.

Charles Trenet

"Y’a d’la joie", "Boum", "Douce France"… Charles Trenet, who would have been 100 years-old in 2013, keeps inspiring lots of French singers thanks to its timelessness. He left a repertory of nearly 1’000 songs, and 60 of them are international hits, such as "La mer", his most famous hit... He liked to joke saying "I make songs like a tree makes apples".

Mylène Farmer

Mylène Farmer is one of the most famous French singers. Although she refuses the status of idol, she is revered by lots of people and fans. Her albums are events, concerts are sold out, and her music videos are real feature films... Since her beginning in 1984, she seems to flirt with an unremitting success.

Georges Brassens

Figure with an immense discretion, Georges Brassens wrote his name in the French artistic heritage by creating a unique style, carved around simple melodies and texts, as poetic masterpieces...

Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas has a singular voice and she is very popular in French music. This brilliant artist has a long career which begun in the 80's. Her now cult "Mademoiselle Chante le Blues" leaves its mark on France, which discovers her broken and sweet voice...

Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg is considered as a genius. Then comes a period of his life where provocation was his leitmotiv. This did not prevent him from meeting success again and again. Serge Gainsbourg died at 63 but remains a major figure and influence of French music.


A rolling accent, unforgettable choruses, unavoidable hits and pictures... She has survived the decades and never went beyond. She sang all styles of music and reached the top of the charts for more than thirty years, singing in a dozen languages. Undisputed star of music, she chose to end her life, plunging her millions of fans in a deep consternation.

Françoise Hardy

Hung up and withdrawn teenager, Françoise Hardy took refuge in music. She became famous at 18. She had long hair, guitar, and fans such as Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

Daniel Balavoine

Great humanist and messenger of youth, Daniel Balavoine never stopped blaming injustice and inequality throughout his life and his career. These songs will always stay a hymn to love.

#11: Jacques Brel, the most famous French singer from Belgium

Jacques Brel lived 49 years with an exceptional intensity. Famous at 30, turning his back on the music halls seven years later, Brel was aviator, navigator, never patriarch. Jacques Brel was a child who never accepted the funeral of his youth. He wanted to keep dreaming even when reality had shattered his dreams. Thirsty of absolute, he only criticized the world, women, men, himself, in the name of perfection.

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